11 Jun

Enjoy a Fun Staycation with the Family in your Cozy Living Room

Summer is a great time to plan out-of-town trips with the family. In this economic time, however, taking trips for the whole season may not be practical. Fortunately, you can have fun with your kids without breaking the bank. Here some awesome staycation ideas you can do in the comfort of your living room.

Adventures in Pillow Forts

Who says you have to step out of the house to visit an amazing place? With pillow forts and a great imagination, you and your kids can set out to a great adventure anytime. First, you need a remarkable couch, similar to sofas you can find at DirectBuy Albuquerque. Make space between the couch and the wall. Cover all sides with pillows, leaving one side open. This is your fort’s entrance. Let your kids help you pile up pillows to build the roof of the fort. For a dreamy feel, you can use a white blanket as your roof.Place a lamp in the middle of the fort. Turn the lights off in the living room, except the lamp. If you are doing this during daytime, make sure to draw the curtains. Your adventure begins once your kids are inside the fort.

Fun on the Floor with Furry Rugs

Are you missing the feel of powdery white sand on your feet? Treat your feet to a relaxing staycation with furry living room rugs. Join Direct Buy in Albuquerque and find beautiful rugs at affordable prices. Match your rugs with soft floor pillows and be surrounded with luxurious softness without spending for pricey tours.

Fiction in Real Life

Bring your favorite movie to life with a great home theater system. Before you start complaining about the price, you should visit DirectBuy in Albuquerque.You will find affordable home theater systems that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Get a few pairs of 3D glasses and feel like you are part of the movie. You do not need a 3D TV to do this. You can find glasses on the market that you can use in any type of television.

Have fun this summer with your kids even when you are on a budget. Turn your living into a breathtaking wonderland!