17 Jun

Downturn In 3-D TV’s Sales

3dtvESPN announced on Wednesday that it was shutting down 3-D broadcast by the end of the year. This could be the beginning of the end of this format boom. The movie world was also affected by this down fall in 3-D with a 20 percent decline in 3-D movies released.

3-D format, no more a darling of the masses.

Last year there were 6% TV’s that were 3-D sets. But now even homes that have such sets do not prefer the 3-D format. The lack of programmes and the inconvenience of having to wear glasses could be the reasons for this downfall. Watching hours and hours with glasses is sure a tiresome experience. TV manufacturers have now switched focus from 3-D format to ultrahigh definition, which has four times the pixel count as that of normal high definition TV’s.

But a rival channel 3net has no intention to shut shop. They had no comments to offer on ESPN’s shutting shop decision. China seems to have at present a great appetite for 3-D sets.