17 Jun

Haircut-For-A-Hug Barber Gets Booted By Hartford Officials Out Of City Park

barbersAfter serving for free for more than half a century to the locals at Hartford, a good Samaritan is sent packing by city officials after some residents expressed concern about the safety and sanitation of his free haircuts to homeless people.

82-year-old Anthony Cymerys has been giving free haircuts to homeless people for over 25 years now, near a city park at Hartford, asking only for a hug in return.

Some citizens, though, were concerned about the safety and sanitation of Cymerys’ activity, since it was in a public park. City health officials had no choice but to order the barber out of the park.

The city, however, says they’re already trying to work with Cymerys to find him a new spot so that he can continue with his service but in a more controlled environment.

Cymerys, known as “Joe the Barber,” has been a fixture at Bushnell Park every Wednesday, giving free haircuts in exchange only for hugs.

The city notes that the alfresco barber isn’t actually a licensed barber.

Cymerys’ friends questioned the city’s actions especially since it was only a year ago that the officials honored the old man for his charitable work.