25 Jun

Twinkies To Hit Store Shelves On July 15th

twinkies productHostess is bringing back Twinkies next month. Hostess went bankrupt last year following a labor dispute. Twinkies and other snack cakes will make the comeback on July 15th. The comeback is expected to be a blockbuster with the larger public sorely missing the products.

Hostess battled years of financial woes which the workers blamed on the management’s unwillingness to alter with the changing tastes of the public. The shutdown in last November had caused a frenzy for Hostess snack cakes, with stores selling them out within hours.

Hostess reboots with increased efficiency.

Hostess is now a trimmed brand with less operating costs. Hostess also won’t deliver direct to stores rather to warehouses that supply retailers. This is bound to increase the reach leap fold enabling it to serve almost all stores in the States. Earlier Hostess was able to serve only one-third of the nation’s 1, 50,000 odd convenience stores.

During their disappearance phase, the cakes themselves have improved. Instead of milk chocolate, the company now uses dark cocoa that give them a richer and darker appearance. Price remains the same and more textures are in the offing.