4 Jul

Reds Smash Giants 3-0, Courtesy Bailey’s 2nd No Hitter

As first baseman Joey Vetto reached to pluck the ball out of the air, Homer Bailey fretted. But his anxiety lasted just a moment for he then raised his arms in celebration. As Bailey threw in his second no-hitter in 10 months, there was much to cheer about for the Reds who smashed the Giants 3-0 in a thrilling game.

Bailey- The Star of the Night

redsDespite the grand celebrations post-match, there was an air of been-there-done-that in the humid atmosphere. Bailey chose to be humble about his achievement as he said that since he had done it already, he knew ‘what to expect’. Regardless of Bailey’s humility, he is only the third Red’s pitcher to boast of having more than one no-hitter in his kitty.

What makes his achievement all the more special is that it was on home ground where fans were chanting his name like maniacs. To Bailey’s credit, he played the game like real pro dominating over the defending champs for most of the game.

Indeed, with Bailey now becoming the 31st pitcher to throw at least 2 no-hitters, it appears as if there is no stopping the ace player anymore!