5 Jul

Protect Your Business’ Lifeline with Effective Data Center Infrastructure Management

A data center is the heart of a company. When it breaks down, all processes stop. This is why many companies spend thousands of dollars to protect their data infrastructure. Keeping up with the latest maintenance techniques can make your company more efficient. It can also help you reduce your expenses. Here are this year’s trends on data center infrastructure management.

Cloud Services and Virtual Environment

Companies allocate a huge percentage of their resources to managing data infrastructure. To conserve energy and reduce expenses, many businesses are switching to cloud storage and digital environments. Nowadays, you will find many data center businesses offering these services. Cloud services free companies off the responsibility of maintaining a physical data center. By doing this, companies are able to optimize the way they utilize their resources.

Energy Star Equipment and UL2640 Standards

Companies that can’t completely move to a virtual environment can still save on costs by using Energy Star apparatus. To further optimize the use of resources, some companies are now focusing on standards like UL2640. This puts emphasis on the amount of contacts per second per Watt (TPS/Watt) that servers deliver. According to experts, this is a more meaningful measurement for energy efficiency. For some, this is a good criterion to use for capacity planning.

Integrating Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Virtualized Clusters

As cloud-based programs and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) becomes more popular, DCIM functions becomes an integral part in managing power consumption, and optimizing data center environment.

Data Center Automation

As load-balancing and server virtualization evolves, data center automation becomes essential in mitigating threats caused by human errors. With this development, more companies can participate in the profitable energy market. Electric utilities and Demand Response (DR) applications provide significant cash payment to institutions and companies that are able to decrease power utilization or offer alternative grid stabilization support through active maintenance of computing load during peak periods of electricity demand.

Avoid downtimes and improve business efficiency by using tested data center management techniques and applications. Staying on top of things can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Remember, a stitch in time, saves nine.