8 Jul

The Name’s Bond, James Bond

James Bond is a quintessential literary character of these modern times. Sleek, strong, and smooth-talking, the British Secret Service agent has seen quite a lot of dangers and triumph in all his incarnations in films, novel, and short stories. But nothing quite defines the debonair spy like his modern devices.

It is quite ironic that as a secret agent, Agent 007 is rather popular figure—in the real world, at least. Ian Fleming’s literary brainchild has influenced a lot of people around the globe. It’s almost impossible to step into a place where no one can recognize his famous introductory phrase. But apart from being a cultural icon, James Bond has also launched a phenomenon that has captivated the whole world—the endearing fascination with modern gadgets.

Gadget Pioneer

In his line of work, Bond requires only the most modern pieces of equipment. From the first movie to most recent one, he has used quite a variety of technological feats. His iconic Aston Martin DB5, for instance, has seen a number of changes in the past years. In the movie Goldfinger, viewers glimpsed for the first time what a sophisticated vehicle GPS tracking system can do. At that time, tracking systems were still at its infancy. James Bond was the first one to explore its potential for various purposes, particularly for chasing car with spinning license plates.

Seeds of Inspiration

It is not only Bond who was able to use state-of-the-art devices and equipment. Other characters in both the novel and film media are seen using modern gadgets. In one particular scene in the movie Quantum of Solace, for instance, British Secret Service agents used multi-touch table for tracking vehicles, registry, and other important files. In today’s world, such equipment still has not seen the light of day.

Though not a lot of these gadgets are in production yet, Bond technology has enabled the younger generation to dream and replicate those things. It may take a long while before a car invisible cloak or X-ray eye glasses become available on the market, but people can rest assured that Agent 007 still has enough missions to use his modern gadgets.