24 Jul

The Insider’s Perspective to Men’s Shoes

Shoes are the most essential part of any man’s attire, as it allows for multiple options year-round for all outfits and looks. The effort to improve your appearance can be useless in an instant if your shoes are inappropriate. A good pair of shoes from stores like DirectBuy Tinley Park, can transform a fashion disaster to a fashion statement.

Bear these tips in mind before you choose and buy footwear:

Get Shoes that Fit Your Style

Every man has his own distinct look, and his shoes should reflect this. For example, if you have an indie rock vibe, black leather ankle boots are the perfect footwear choice. You have to identify your style and use your clothing to project your personality. If you haven’t developed a signature style yet, then you need to inspect your wardrobe and know the types of clothes you normally wear and work from there.

Decide If  You’re Going for a Smart or Casual Look

This is important for choosing the color and style of your shoes. If you’re looking for a pair of Oxfords to match your suits on a daily basis,choose acolor that is versatile enough to be paired with every suit you own. In this case, a black or brown pair will work with all your usual black, grey, navy, and brown-toned suits. These are usually available at stores like Direct Buy at Tinley Park.

Know What Suits You Better: Boots or Shoes

Men with a slim build carry boots better than those with larger builds do. Boots continue further up the leg, making them something you want to show off. Skinny or slim cut clothes allow you to tuck in the bottom half of your outfit or let the hem stop just at the top of the boots. This remains the same whether you use higher cut military boots, or shorter cuts like Chelsea boots.

Shoes don’t have to be the highlight of an outfit, but instead offer the perfect way to express your individuality without the risk of an overly extravagant appearance. This gives you the license to be more daring and expressive with your outfit. Check a wide range of men’s shoes by visiting established stores, like Tinley Park Direct Buy.