24 Jul

Toggle Clamps: Choosing the Best from the Bunch

Used to steady or hold work pieces firmly in place, toggle clamps are important parts of a hobbyist or a professional’s workshop. They help in assembling, attaching, or combining large pieces, by keeping them in a stationary position for a certain period.

There are different types of toggle clamps, each with specific functions and positions. With a wide range of choices, it’s hard to pick just one.

If you’re looking for a specific type of toggle clamp, like a toggle clamp from De Sta Co, follow these steps to make an informed decision:

Think of the Size of the Piece
Think about the size of the piece you’re working on when choosing a specific type of toggle clamp.

Take into Account the Positioning of the Piece
When choosing a type of toggle clamp, decide depending on whether you need to combine it with another piece or just hold it in place. Think of how you need to position the piece that you’re working on.

You can position different toggle clamps horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. You can also operate them with a lever or with a push-pull mechanism, with which you can lock the clamp by pushing on a plunger.

Think of the Uses of the Clamps
You can “squeeze” some types, like the plier clamps into position with a plier-like mechanism. You can use hook and latch clamps, which you can pull to tighten or close to hold light fixtures or doors in place. You can also use a cam clamp with a small metal roller or “cam” to hold pieces of different sizes and widths together.

Think of the Holding Force of the Clamps
A clamp’s holding capacity is the maximum size or weight of the piece it can support when closed and locked. Manufacturers list this force capacity in the packaging of De Sta Co toggle clamps. Read the packaging to avoid exceeding the holding capacity of the clamp.

Choosing the right type of toggle clamp is important in getting your work done efficiently. If you’re still finding it hard to choose the right type, consult manufacturers and distributors like www.reidsupply.com. They can guide you through the selection process.