26 Jul

‘I Will Always Love You’ Says Houston’s Tear-Shaped Headstone

Whitney-Houston-gravestoneA teardrop-shaped headstone bearing the well-known words ‘I will always love you’ marks the grave of Whitney Houston in New Jersey. The 48-year-old highly popular pop music singer was found dead on February 11, 2012 in Beverley Hills, California. An autopsy report later pinned the cause of death as accidental drowning that in turn had occurred due to Houston’s heart disease and misuse of cocaine.

More on Houston’s Headstone

The widely loved singer was buried next to her father in Westfield, New Jersey that lies about 20 miles west of New York. The teardrop shaped headstone, apart from the words her fans heard from her often, also contains her image and the words ‘THE VOICE’ etched in capital letters.

The words ‘I will always love you’ are engraved right below the inscription. These are the magical words from the Dolly Parton song that made Houston as famous as she was. Indeed, song that made Houston a household favorite was played at her funeral.