13 Aug

Yemen Thrust Back To The Forefront In Fight Against Thrus

Yemen was pushed back to the forefront in the fight against terrorism on Tuesday when the US and Britain embassies evacuated staff due to a threatened attack. While a suspected US drone claimed the lives of four Al-Qaida members, militants shot down a Yemeni army helicopter.

yemen soldierWide Investigation Launched

In response to the violence in the country, Yemeni authorities have launched a wide scale investigation into the Al-Qaida threat issued to multiple potential targets in the Muslim world. Security officials mentioned that the threat was in retaliation to a US-backed military operation that had caused a severe setback to the terror network’s most active branch.

Yemeni army has now surrounded foreign installations, government offices and the airport with tanks and troops. Checkpoints have also been set up at Sanaa, the capital, to search cars and individuals, particularly after nightfall. Top government officials, military and security commanders have been asked to be vigilant and contain their movements.