14 Aug

Al-Qaida Leaders A Global Threat, More So With Its Expansion

Killing-al-Qaeda-Leaders_bin-LadenOsama bin Laden may be no more, but that has not weakened Al-Qaida, the group or its core leadership which still remains a potential global threat. In fact, experts say that it is the leaders of the terror outfit that have pushed it to spread into more countries than it was operating in right after 9/11.

Missions Shut Down in Muslim World

Soon after the killing of Laden, President Obama and his administrators had used phrases like ‘severely diminished’, a ‘shadow of its former self’ and ‘decimated’ to describe Al-Qaida. However, if the government’s current actions are to be evaluated, they are far from the bravado displayed at that time.

The US has asked 19 of its embassies to remain shut in the Muslim world following interception of messages between members the terror outfit regarding certain threats. About their step, the US administrators say that they are not ‘naïve’ about the challenges they are facing and think that terror threat from the group ‘still remains’.