27 Aug

Different Payment Methods

As a business owner, choosing your preferred methods of getting paid influences your profitability and your financing. If you offer different methods of payment, you can boost sales and increase your customer base. You can also promote equality among your customers in terms of purchasing goods. If your payment options are limited, on the other hand, your business may be limited as well.

For you to successfully sell your products, you need to identify the methods that best match your business operations and are convenient for your customers. If you’re managing a retail business, you’ll also need the services of a company offering POS staging and deployments, so that you can install a checkout on your store which can help you accept and process payments.

Here are some of the most common payment methods you can choose:


Cash is the simplest payment method that has zero processing cost. Small businesses often start out as accepting cash only, especially if they sell low-cost items at the retail level. As cash doesn’t leave a trace, however, you need to have higher administrative costs and better security. You also need to keep a separate record to know how much cash you receive from customers.

Credit Cards

Credit cards undoubtedly offer many benefits. Customers who pay through credit cards don’t have to pay the credit card company right away. They may also get incentives or reward points. When accepting payments through credit cards, however, merchants have to pay a processing fee. They also need to pay monthly charges for card reader rental and account administration and other surcharges for other transactions.

Debit Cards

Convenient for both merchant and customer, debit cards result in instant payment with a high reliability. The fees are restricted by legislation and are lower than credit card fees for purchases over $10. The administrative costs for debit cards are low, and you can get software that allows your accounting application to import transactions.


While accepting payments trough checks carries an inherent risk, their processing costs are very low. Administration for this method is also simple, as each check shows up in your bank account as a separate transaction. Experts suggest that you can reduce risk in accepting checks by buying a check verification system. This system scans checks and communicates with the customer’s bank to process the payment immediately.

Whatever payment methods you choose for your business, you need to have a point of sale software that can accommodate your transaction. To learn more about point of sale system or check outs, visit www.posdata.com/depot.html.