3 Sep

Feds Will Not Sue To Prevent Pot Use In 2 States

potThe Justice Department on Thursday said that states can allow people to use marijuana, hand out licenses to grow the weed and also allow adults to just pick the stuff off the store shelves. And despite pot being a prohibited substance for the past 75 years, the department has ruled that it is legal as long as it is kept away from children, black markets and federal properties.

Pot Legalization

Pot legalization in the US came about after votes in Washington and Colorado favored it last fall. Based on the votes, the Department permitted the two states to adopt tight regulatory systems to inspect the operations of the burgeoning marijuana recreational and medical industries across the nation.

Supporters of legalization have heartily welcomed the new policy and with it the stage has now been set for other states to join the bandwagon. While Alaska is planning for legalization next year, some other states will follow suit in 2016.