6 Sep

Flushing Your Drain Problems Away

Clogged drains are messy and unsanitary problems that many homeowners encounter. It can be very frustrating when upon using the kitchen sink, you find out the water won’t drain quickly. Solving this problem may require the use of commercial drain cleaners or a plunger. In worse cases, you may need the help of expert drain cleaning services.

Common causes

When you experience clogging problems regularly, it may indicate that you’re using your drains wrong. You may be letting leftover food go down the drain, for example. Or you could be ignoring fallen hair that accumulates in your bathtub or shower drain. Such negligence can lead to clogged and cause a bigger problem for everybody.

Pieces of jewellery such as earrings and rings can also get stuck in the drain and cause blockage in the long run. When they fall into the kitchen sink, these items can damage the grinder as well. It’s best to call a professional drain cleaning service immediately in case one of your earrings falls down the drain. Recovering the jewellery may involve dismantling the pipes so let the experts handle it for you.

Simple DIY solutions

There are different ways to solve drain problems. Plungers, for example, are useful tools for unclogging your kitchen and bathroom drains. It can help loosen the congestion and get the pipes working again.

You may also use drain cleaners to solve clogged drains immediately. These are made of chemicals that help dissolve different substances that block your drains. Be very careful when using drain cleaners for the first time, though, as they contain toxic materials that can burn the skin. Make sure to follow the instructions to avoid accidents. Keep in mind, though, that some cleaners can weaken old pipes. They can also damage your bathroom or kitchen fixtures.

If do-it-yourself techniques won’t work, seek professional assistance. Look for plumbers who can assess the situation and explain your options. They can also help you understand how to prevent the clogging from happening again.