9 Sep

Samsung Teams Up With Lookout To Strengthen Malware Protection

Samsung has signed a contract with anti-virus company, Lookout Mobile Security, to strengthen protection for its Android gadgets.

samsung knoxComprehensive mobile protection

Samsung has added an enterprise security package for Android-phone users that would scan smartphones and tablets for potential threats.

The feature is intended for business users as part of the company’s upcoming Knox security product, which was announced in February.

Several studies have indicated that many hackers have focused their efforts on Google’s operating system.

Analysts said thedealwas designed to reassure companies that Samsung’s Android devices were a safe alternative to the Blackberry and Windows Phone platforms, which have marketed their enterprise security software as key features.

Threat to Android-powered devices

Lookout’s CEO blogged that malware protection had become more important at a time more employees were connecting their own devices to office networks.

The company clarified that its servers would scan Samsung’s devices against known malware that could be given through email attachments, webpages, or file-sharing services.

Other anti-virus companies have also been fast to detect the threat to Android devices.

“Android is the most insecure mobile system of all the mobile ones, and that’s been made more difficult because it’s so fragmented,” said Richard Absalom, an analyst at telecoms consultancy Ovum.