11 Sep

How to Keep Your Kids Safe When They Go Scootering

Scooters are among the top toys for kids who love the outdoors and are always on the lookout for thrilling adventures. When getting them a scooter, your choice should not only depend on their skills and willingness to master the art of skidding down the street. Safety should always be your main concern. While modern stunt and children’s scooters have sophisticated safety features, kids’ behaviour can be too rash. This is what leads them to different untoward incidents. Below are some tips to keep your kids safe as they hit the roads with mini wheels.

Assess the Purpose and Abilities

Assessing the ability of your children to handle such equipment is what you should do before getting them a scooter. This also means that you should get them a scooter appropriate for their age. Do not let your assessment revolve around this. Find out the reason your child wants a scooter. Some kids want a scooter because of peer pressure, while others want something to use as transport equipment.

Make Them Wear Protective Gear

Have kids use protective gear regardless of their skill level. Of all the protective components, the helmet is the most important. Make them wear it no matter how near their destination is. Do away with knee and elbow abrasions by requiring them to wear pads. Instil in their minds that safety gear is not only for bike riders.

Limit the Tricks

Some kids already have advanced motor skills that they try to experiment with tricks. Set limits for them about risky stunts and tricks with their scooters. However, do encourage them to be patient if they’re just trying to learn a new move.

Let them Scooter in a Safe Area

This means your kids will have to avoid playing near roads or in areas where there are moving vehicles. Encourage them to play within the vicinity of your area. Should they insist on playing outside, lead them to the sidewalk or to a park and keep an eye out for them.

Scooters don’t only provide entertainment for kids. They can also serve as a workout tool, as they teach kids to master balance and arm and leg movements. Click here if you’re looking for a scooter that is appropriate for your kid’s age.