13 Sep

Four Reasons Behind Those Tragic Bike Accidents

With millions of motorbikes and motocross registered in Australia, it’s no wonder the increase in traffic comes with the risk of being involved in a collision. As motorbikes provide limited protection, your life can be at stake especially if you’re lacking riding skills and motocross accessories.

motocross gearNothing compares to the thrill of speeding around the streets of Australia. But along with this thrill come dangers and risks that may impact your life forever. In case you’re one of those who easily become a daredevil when speeding, know these risks to avoid motorcycle collisions.

Sudden lane change

One of the prime causes of motorcycle accidents involves a car or a truck that suddenly changes lane without seeing an approaching motorcycle. This usually happens during the night where vehicles fail to use light signals. Do yourself a favour and protect yourself by wearing reflectorized vests or helmets.

Over speeding

Motorcycle beginners, especially when riding on open roads; love to push their bikes to the limit, achieving speeds that are beyond the accepted limit. Reaching these speeds may wobble the front end of your motorcycle and a single slip may cause your bike to spin out of control.

Alcohol use

You may think you’re invulnerable when intoxicated, but you’re not. As motorcycles and motocross don’t provide head and body protection, collisions involving alcohol use are more likely to result in serious injury or even death.

Road hazards

People riding motocross faces more risks from road hazards than car drivers. Due to its compact size and less weight, man holes, dead animals, stones, slick pavements, and uneven road levels pose a serious threat. Always stay in line and maintain a firm speed to avoid accidents.

The moment you ride that motocross, half of your life is in danger because of potential accidents. Yet, you can reduce these risks by making yourself aware of the common causes and taking necessary steps to avoid the risks, whether it be taking extra care or buying the right gear for motocross.