17 Sep

Yankees Beat Orioles 6-5, Hit 2 HRs

yankeesEven if the injuries keep increasing for the New York Yankees, their victories do not take a beating. Such is the might of the team, that despite their lead off hitter Brett Gardner being injured with a strained muscle on his left side, they managed to win over the Baltimore Orioles 6-5 on Thursday night.

Homeruns, Tiebreaking runs and a Lead Blown Away

At one point of time in the match, the Yankees had blown away their four-run lead over the Orioles which had supporters standing on their tiptoes. However, a tie breaking run by Brendan Ryan on the ninth inning on a wild pitch by Jim Johnson brought the Yankees back into the match, from where they never looked back. Mark Reynolds and Curtis Granderson hit homeruns for their team.

Joe Girardi, the manager for the Yankees said that it was important that they continue to win in this fashion if they wanted to play in October.