26 Sep

Princess Cut Diamond: A Diamond Cut Fit for a Princess

princess cut diamondDiamonds for engagement rings come in beautiful cuts and shapes. One of the most popular cuts among women is the princess cut diamond. This type of diamond cut features clean, square lines that convey a very contemporary look. With so many choices available, what sets a princess cut diamond apart from the rest?

More value for your money

A princess cut can make a diamond look and feel bigger than the usual round brilliant diamond of equivalent carat weight. If you purchase a loose diamond to cut in a square shape, cutters can preserve about 80-90 percent of the rough stone. Due to this minimal loss, a princess cut diamond is one of the least expensive cuts on the market.

More brilliant than most cuts

If you’ll look closely at a loose princess cut diamond for sale, you’ll notice an extra faceting. This allows the diamond to emit an interesting light appearance or what experts call fire and sparkle. The significant amount of faceting is a bit similar to the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond. As the inverted pyramid shape captures light from different angles, you’ll get the same sparkle, but from a more unique shape.

Less noticeable flaws

Designed to attract attention, princess cut diamonds come with between 50-58 facets. While these may be fewer than those of a round brilliant cut, the sparkles and fire are effective in hiding any inclusion or flaw. Flaws are small bubbles of gas, liquid, or other impurities caught inside the diamond during its formation. Buying a princess cut with less noticeable flaws can save you money as it is a slightly lower grade of diamond. Other diamond cuts like emerald, trillion or baguette are not as efficient in hiding inclusions as they are more open and feature fewer facets.

The princess cut diamond is a magnificent blend of modern and classic styles. This is why many women choose it for their engagement rings. Whether as a solitaire or with other gemstones, you will also love the fire and sparkle of a princess cut diamond.