30 Sep

iPads’ Security Breached By LA Students

Some 300 students from a Los Angeles high school took just a week to figure how to breach the security settings on the iPads they got from their school so they could surf the internet and access social media sites.

ipadiPad Distribution Program Halte

In the wake of the misuse of the iPad by the students from the Roosevelt High and two other LA schools, the Los Angeles Unified District School officials have decided to halt a $1 billion program to put the devices into the hands of every school student.

In addition, the management has also banned the home use of the iPads until further notice and until the school authorities find a way to ensure that students use the gadgets strictly for school work.

These actions come even as the school officials throughout the nation are grappling with security measures for iPads as they introduce them to students who are highly tech-savvy.