9 Oct

Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Sleepless Nights

woman in comfortable bedBack pains are difficult to endure, especially when all you want is to enjoy a long rest after a tiring day. The strain from your lower back causes discomfort, costing you a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, you can enjoy a peaceful slumber and take the pain off your back by finding durable adjustable beds from Utah shops.

Bedroom Comfort

When you lie on a flat bed, you need to change sleep positions to avoid tensing your muscles. You need to stretch your legs, support your arms and legs, and elevate your head to maintain a comfortable position throughout the night. With an adjustable bed, you can get enough support for your body to prevent muscle fatigue. This helps maintain natural spine alignment and allows your body to rest in a relaxed position, which, in turn, makes sleep more refreshing.

Back Pain Relief

Studies show that half of working Americans experience back pains year-round. Although there is little medical research to support their benefits, some experts still recommend using an adjustable bed to provide better back support. This type of bed allows you to sleep in an inclined position with your knees bent. This helps relieve pressure from the lower back while supporting the entire body. It also helps distribute body weight while sleeping to avoid straining pressure points. This makes it a recommended option if you have back problems, such as Osteoarthritis and Spinal Stenosis.

Improved Bed Features

Many Utah shops offer durable adjustable beds with a wide range of features to provide extra comfort for sleep. Some beds come with wired remote controls so you can adjust the position any way you like. Other adjustable beds have high performance lifting capacity. There are also beds with back-up power so you can keep the base mattress in a flat position in case of power failure.

A Good Bed Can Make a Big Difference

Back pains don’t always have to get the better of your sleep. Getting a good quality bed can make a difference and help take away the discomfort caused by back pains. Be sure, though, to ask your physician for recommendations so you can get the right bed for your back problem.