10 Oct

Take Care of Your Leather: Ways to Clean Your Leather Couch

leather couchYou can give your home a more elegant look by getting leather furniture sold in Orange County and other areas. To keep the furniture looking beautiful always, you need to do some occasional cleaning. Use the right methods to protect it from spills or other soiling. Here are a few ways to clean your leather furniture.


Vacuuming is the best method you can use to get rid of dust, dirt, and crumbs. Avoid using cleaning agents for dirty couches, as it can damage the leather surface. Always start the cleaning process by vacuuming away loose dirt and dust first.


To remove dirt, you can use moisturizing soap or body wash along with a little amount of water. You can do this by gently rubbing the solution on the couch with a soft cloth. After rubbing the dirt off, use a clean cloth to wipe it dry. Avoid using water in rinsing off the soap, as too much of it can damage the leather.

Removing Stains

Don’t clean grease stains with water. Dab the spill and once done, let it settle for about two days. This will allow the stain to settle down, leaving no mark on the leather couch surface. If the stain is still there, use a leather soft cleaner to remove the stain.

In removing pen ink stains, dip a cotton bud on some vinegar and rub it on the stained spot. If the stain is still visible, rub some acetone-free nail polish on it using a soft cloth. Avoid cleaning the couch with a nail polish remover, as it can cause discoloration.

If there is a spillage on the surface, just dab it using a soft cloth. Avoid rubbing it, as the stain can spread to other areas. In using cleaning agents, it is advisable to test it first on a small area of the couch.


After cleaning the leather, use a deep cleaning leather formula to keep it shiny. Rub the conditioner in circular motion, covering the entire couch area. Let it settle for 10 to 15 minutes and gently rub it off with a soft and dry cloth. Apply the conditioner about two to three times a year for the furniture to look bright and new.

Follow these tips to keep your leather furniture shiny as always. In case your leather couch is cracked, replace it with a new one. Visit a furniture store in Orange County and look for the best leather sofa for your home.