24 Oct

The Vector Art Advantage

vector artVector art is a type of digital illustration composed of geometric shapes, lines, waves, and curves that are combined to create eye-catching images. Vector design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw use mathematical formulae to create the output image, producing the best quality possible.

Vector vs. raster

Vector graphics are great for different printing formats. In fact, most clothing design and printing companies prefer to use vectors instead of raster images. Raster images are composed of colourful pixels that form an image. Photographs and scanned images are examples of these. When such images are blown up, they appear grainy, blurred, or “pixelated” because the pixels are forced to expand along with the change in scale. This makes them more suitable for school or personal projects than for commercial purposes. Raster images also require more memory space as the image files created are larger in size.


The vector formula file can generate an image that is scalable to any size and detail. Printing vector graphics usually gives a sharper and higher output quality. Unlike raster art, you can resize vector graphics over and over again without compromising the quality. For example, you can print a vector logo on a small sheet of paper and then enlarge the same logo to billboard size with no loss of quality. This makes vector artworks perfect for different formats. You can print them on your clothes, posters, banners, and even on materials as small as business cards.

Minor drawbacks

In spite of its advantages, there are some drawbacks to using a vector graphic. For one, you can’t use vector graphics to create realistic images. They tend to have a cartoon-like appearance. Creating vector artworks can also be difficult and time-consuming. To master the technique, you’ll need regular practice and plenty of patience.

Creating vector graphics requires a great amount of creativity and skill. When done artfully and carefully, however, the output is worth all the effort.