26 Oct

RFID: The Truth Behind the Fallacies

RFIDSince RFID is a relatively new technology, many misconceptions about it remain despite the features it offers. In fact, the RFID wave is coming but its shape may not be what many people expect.

As with any rising enhancement, there’s a lot of wrong information about what RFID can and cannot do. To set this record straight, here’s a list of some RFID myths, and the truths that must replace them.

It just creates hype, it’ll soon pass

RFID technology isn’t a new enhancement. In fact, the military used RFID during World War II to sort the planes of the Royal Air Force from those of Luftwaffe. Since then, RFID tags have become miniature and different companies around the globe have started to invest huge amounts of money to push the use of RFID technology. Now, the military is starting to integrate RFID tags in their military labels when it comes to shipping and packaging.

It’s still developing

In the past years, the RFID industry has standardized their hardware, increasing RFID’s interoperability, reliability, and overall performance. Both readers and tags have become highly reliable, even in the harshest environments. For several years now, it’s been a given that RFID works on all materials and environments, making it an ideal tool for the military.

It’s not ready

RFID technology is ready now. In fact, it’s been ready and in use for years. From tracking animals wearing tags to handling DoD’s supplies through RFID label printing software, it has steadily improved life since people began using it.  Since then, manufacturers have just about perfected the production process, eliminating errors and making RFID more reliable and efficient.

It requires a large investment

Of course, the initial costs of integrating RFID are considerable, but it’ll yield higher returns on your investment when you start to use it. When you use tags and trackers across your functions, the benefits will become more dramatic. More importantly, using RFID can provide breakthroughs and higher income possibilities you never knew existed.

RFID is not a process. Instead, it’s an enhancement that improves a process. Apart from military functions, many businesses can benefit from the use of RFID technology. Take advantage of this technology and start getting higher returns.