29 Oct

Beating the Competition with Signages: Creating an Effective Store Sign

store signagesBusiness means competition. The moment you decided to set up your small business, you would have already realised that you’re entering an arena with not just one, but hundreds or even thousands of competitors. You are competing through the quality of your product, your service, and for the attention of your customers. This is why you need to find your edge and attract as many customers as possible. If you’re running a brick and mortar business, creating unique and eye-catching signages will be your best bet.

A Great Form of Marketing

Frame signages in Brisbane play an important part in the success of businesses. Outdoor banners and awnings are a great form of marketing, as they help catch the attention of passersby. They also develop brand recognition by emphasising graphics, words, and symbols associated with your business. They can also promote impulse purchases, offering an instant point-of-sale advertising.

Simplicity is the Key

When it comes to creating store signages, huge, national stores make as many mistakes as your neighbour’s small grocery store. Some would create an overly-designed signage, which, instead of attracting customers, would shun people away. Others, on the other hand,would use the wrong font and include inappropriate words. Whether you hire a company in Gold Coast offering signs and designs or create your signages yourself, always remember to keep it simple and easy to read. Be straightforward and use as few words as possible so that your intended message can be easily received by your target customers.

The Font, Size, and Colour Do Matter

Signages are supposed to be seen by people, so everything on them matters. From the font to the size, to the colour and design,every element should complement each other and should be pleasing to the eyes. Choose a typeface that is reader-friendly and is familiar to your customers. Serif fonts can be read more easily than sans serif fonts. Upper and lower case letters are also more reader-friendly in signages than all-caps. The latter can be effective, however, when used sparingly.

Be Consistent

Treat your store signage as you would your logo, and use it uniformly. Remember, your signage is your store’s on-site branding, so it’s important to use it consistently. By using it repeatedly, you’re increasing brand recognition to your customers, helping you stay on top of their minds whenever they need something that you offer.