6 Nov

Houston Texan’s Coach Gary Kubiak Hospitalized

texan coachAs if excitement on the field wasn’t enough, the head coach of the Houston Texans Gary Kubiak collapsed on the field.  Players of both teams were really rattled especially the Texans; they lost to the Indianapolis Colts in a tight match 27-24 on Sunday night.

 No news is forthcoming about his condition other than the fact that Kubiak didn’t have a heart attack.  A spokesman said that he was conscious and accompanied by his family to the hospital.  Apparently Kubiak was lightheaded and dizzy and was sought medical attention immediately. Gary Kubiak is a former NFL quarterback.

 According to the team’s general manager Rick Smith, Kubiak is being evaluated by specialists and results are awaited.  The Texans struggled to keep their heads in the game and suffered a sixth straight loss.  They were hoping to play well enough to make it to the Superbowl in 2014.  Another team coach, John Fox of the Denver Broncos had been hospitalized just the day before, in North Carolina and is awaiting heart surgery.