7 Nov

Please Don’t Stop the Music: The Effects of Music and Driving

car stereoMost drivers listen to music when they drive. Whether it’s on the radio, a CD of Mozart or other classical music, or an mp3 playlist of today’s Top 40, music has always been a part of road trips and leisurely drives.

Californians who love weekend road trips, for example, often can’t enjoy their trip much without music. Getting a car stereo system in San Diego then becomes part of their trip preparations. Driving to work and instinctively cranking the volume up when your favorite song comes on already makes your drive more exciting and enjoyable.

Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

You’ve probably heard of the perils of multitasking while driving, such as driving while texting or taking a call. Driving while listening to music, though, is different. With the options available for car stereo installations in San Diego, though, you can get speakers and car audio system that are hands-free.

You can then play music from your iPod or other device without having to pay much attention to the different buttons. You can also answer your calls without having to hold your mobile phone, allowing you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Passing Time during Rush Hour

Rush hour traffic is undeniably frustrating, especially as you waste time sitting in your car waiting for everybody else to move. Listening to music helps make the situation a little lighter, helping you pass the time. Turn up the car stereo in San Diego you had installed and enjoy your downtime with a mini concert inside your car. Play your favorite songs or tune in to your favorite station and sing along. You can’t do anything to speed up the traffic, so might as well enjoy your time waiting.

Controlling Road Rage

Music has the charms to soothe the savage beast, as the misquotation goes. It should then have an effect on road rage and minimize stress on the road. Listening to slow, mellow, or country songs can make you feel better, especially if you’re stuck in traffic or dealing with a bad driver. Some music can even help you concentrate better on the road, according to a study. You can just let out your anger over the bad driving of the one in front of you by singing about it or by burying the negative thoughts with the music and lyrics of your favorite song.

Music has always been something that makes you feel good. Whatever soundtrack you choose, though, you should always be attentive and drive safely.