12 Nov

Simple Tips on Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party

surprise birthday partyThrowing a surprise party for someone special is fun. And what could be more rewarding than to see the priceless look on the celebrant’s face?

Here are simple tips to throw a successful surprise birthday party:

Think about the Concept

When planning a surprise birthday party, you have to keep in mind the personality of the celebrants. You should also consider the things they enjoy. This way, you can easily come up with a good concept for the party. This is also important when deciding what present to give. Make your surprise birthday presents more special by giving experience vouchers. If the celebrants are spa junkies, take them there for a private pampering.

Make it Memorable

Ask all the guests to make a letter for the celebrants and compile them all on a scrapbook. Take a photo of each guest and paste it along with the letters. This may be a simple birthday gift, but it makes a beautiful keepsake.

Work it Into the Routine

To avoid suspicion, plan the surprise party around something that’s routine. If the celebrants always eat dinner at a certain restaurant, then plan the party at their usual hangout.

Keep it a Secret

Ask all the guests to keep the party a secret. Remind them not to talk about it especially when the celebrants are around. It may be quite hard, but it’s possible. With the help of some planning, and a few white lies, you’ll definitely pull that off.

Look for an Accomplice

Make sure your partner in crime can keep a secret. Otherwise your efforts will be wasted. Your accomplice must be reliable and has good organizational skills. If you have an accomplice who has these qualities, decorating the place, storing party supplies, and tracking RSVPs will be easier to accomplish. Also have your accomplice take the celebrants for dinner and head to the venue at the scheduled time.

Gather the Guests

Have the guests arrived at the venue at least an hour before the party. This is important to avoid awkward moments. Remember you’re surprising the celebrants not the guests.

In throwing a surprise birthday party, always remember that fun, secrecy, and coordination are the three key elements to make it successful. Just keep these things in mind and have a blast.