19 Nov

When in Doubt, Wear Silver Jewelry

choosing silver accessoriesAn outfit, no matter how plain, looks beautiful if worn with the right accessories. They will give you either an elegant or elaborate image, depending on the make of the jewelry. Silver sterling jewelry has this quality. It can be splendid on its own, even as a simple chain or an intricate curved bracelet with dangling charms. Silver is also a refined setting for precious stones, from amethysts and rose quartz, to emeralds and diamonds.

Looking for finely crafted silver jewelry is easier these days. Other than the retailers downtown, the Internet would give you many websites offering a wide selection. One of the best options is to visit different online jewelry shops specializing in silver trinkets. This lets you see different choices and compare the prices to find a beautiful piece you can buy.

Silver Jewelry for All Occasions

Unlike other types of jewelry, silver suits all occasions. It’s not like diamonds, which might make you look overdressed in some instances. Silver is also more affordable compared to other valuable metals. This makes jewelry made from silver a great choice for everyone.

Silver accessories fit both personal events and formal occasions perfectly. If you’re not sure of which silver accessories to wear, it’s wise to check out jewelry stores’ websites to find the perfect pieces for your attire. Silver generally looks good even with a plain shirt. Try going out for an errand with a silver bracelet while donning a shirt and a pair of shorts. This will give your getup a more winsome appeal, which a no-accessory look can’t pull off easily.

When it comes to parties with strict dress codes, silver goes with fabrics with contrasting colors better. They’ll stand out with black and colorful ensembles, but can be unnoticeable with white. For the ultimate trial test, wear your chosen jewelry with the outfit you’re planning to wear to see the effect. This makes it important to order ahead of time to make room for a possible return or exchange.

Buying Silver Accessories

Check out different fashion magazines to see which silver jewelry designs fit today’s trends. You can also consult with a stylist to find out what type of trinkets suit you. Lifestyle sites also feature guides worth looking into. This gives you ideas on how to look your best on your outfit with the right silver accessories.