22 Nov

Into the Wild: Better Tanzanian Safari Experience

best safari experienceMost people have come to know Tanzania only through wildlife documentaries and travel guides. But as of late, many are grabbing every opportunity to give the chance to visit the African nation. It makes perfect sense, as Tanzania is host to some of the best big game viewing locations in the continent, and home to many famous wildlife areas.

This growing number of tourists every year gives rise to higher standards when it comes to Tanzania safari holidays. More people will be interacting with nature, which, in turn, can offset the natural balance in the wild. Every action can contribute to the quality of your experience. If you will be visiting the nation soon for a safari trip, you have to take some important things into account. This way, you can fully enjoy the wonders of nature.

In with the Fashion

Being dressed for the occasion takes different a meaning when it comes to safari trips. The most important thing you have to remember is to dress simply and comfortably. Tanzanian weather can be quite punishing if you’re not prepared for it. Clothes made from cotton are usually the choice of former Tanzania safari tourists. You might also want to wear green, grey, khaki, or brown. This will help you blend in with the environment, and not distract or scare the wildlife.

Lost in Translation

It’s also advisable to learn a bit of Kiswahili, the mother tongue of most people in Tanzania. The locals will appreciate it more if you try to converse with them using their languages. You might even learn a bit or two about their culture with this small initiative. Fortunately, there are many sites offering assistance in learning the language.

Keeping Fit

For good measure, make sure you’re immunised against illnesses such as yellow fever, typhoid, Hepatitis A, and Diptheria. Consult with your physician for proper care administration at least three months before the trip. Malaria, too, poses serious health risks. Though there are relatively malaria-free areas in the country, it’s best to inform your doctor about the trip so they may prescribe the appropriate medication.

Armed and Ready

Tanzania safaris are best experienced if you have the right gears. Binoculars and cameras, for instance, are staples. You will be spending your time watching big games in the wild, so grab the opportunity to see them more clearly. Take pictures as much as you want, but remember to ask permission if you’d like to snap photos of some of the Tanzanian locals.

You should also take good care of your travel documents. Put them in easy-to-reach places and water-resistant pouches or folders. This way, you will not misplace easily as you go about with your adventure.

Tanzania is teeming with life and adventure. Visiting the country can give you an experience beyond what you can get by simply watching documentaries, far more than simply reading about it on magazines.