26 Nov

Introducing Google’s Virtual Wallet

Google has introduced a new debit card called the “Google Wallet Card” that works in ATMs and any US store that accepts MasterCard. This remarkable virtual wallet allows users to access their balances whenever and wherever.


googleThose with Google Wallet accounts can transfer money paid into their accounts to a bank account. The transaction, however, can take days.

As long as the Google Wallet account has money in it, people can access it via Google Wallet Card. In addition, they’ve introduced a Google Wallet app that allows users to monitor and check their accounts through smartphones.

Online micropayments

During its release back in May 2011, its concept was simple. Throw away wallets and physical cards and trust the NFC-enabled Android smartphone instead. Now, users can tap the handset on the pad and pay everything they need. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t support this technology yet.

After two and a half years, around 300,000 stores have NFC-enabled point-of-sales equipment. Google Wallet is starting to transform peer-to-peer payment systems into paying cash via online micropayments.

The Google Wallet Card is available only to Google Wallet users in the US. An updated version will be accessible through the Google Play Store later within the week.