26 Nov

Looking Back on the Web Design Trends of 2013

Change is constant in web design. Professional web developers and designers are constantly introducing new features every year to meet the needs of website owners and visitors. This way, the sites are up-to-date, serving visitors the best way it can. Here’s a quick look back at the web design elements that trended this year:

Realistic Interface

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Due to the smooth interface of desktop and mobile operating systems, skeuomorphism became one of the biggest trends in web design. Skeuomorphism is a type of design that makes images look similar to real-life objects. For instance, many online magazine sites and text-document applications today have flip animation that lets users turn pages like an authentic paper magazine.

Flat, Simple, Minimalist

Flat designs consist of fill colours, minimal shadows, and no bevel, embossing, or gradient designs. Many websites transformed their web format into flat designs ever since the release of Windows 8. This goes back to the basics by focusing on the functionality of a website rather than the design properties. Even the new iOS7 update uses a flatter interface compared to previous system upgrades.

Symmetrical Layout

Separate content in square and rectangular design layouts give websites a balanced, organised look. This became online popular choice for business owners because they can use it to enumerate products and services without cluttering the page. The web page can show more photos and videos, while keeping its professional look. Many businesses, however, note that this layout might not be good for lengthy text descriptions.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) works on computers and mobile devices alike. With the increase of smartphone and tablet users, the need to make the website fit anywhere is necessary. The ease of navigation helps visitors read and understand what your website is all about. Many businesses say that RWD helped them get higher page views and profits through mobile transactions.

These are among the web design trends that many website owners use and recommend. If you want to have designs like these, you can visit a competent web developer for ideas and effective implementation.