28 Nov

Exquisite Exteriors: Choosing the Right Colour Scheme

painting the exterior of the houseWhether you’re doing it yourself or you’re hiring a painter, painting the home exteriors should be done with precision. This aesthetic aspect starts with choosing the right colour scheme. The ideal blend of hues is neither too bold nor too dull. Moreover, the colour of the exterior should be based on the factors below. You and your hired home painter should consider the following as your foundation:

The Architecture

The architecture and the paint colour should go hand in hand. You can’t paint a Victorian home in contemporary colours. When making accurate representation of the style and preparing the house for painting, figure out the structural design of your home. If you think it’s modern, go for neutral colours like whites and greys. On the other hand, if it emulates that of barns and country houses, go for soft reds and cream.

The Neighbourhood

It’s alright to stand out. But be ready to face the consequences if you go overboard. Your neighbours will think your house is extravagant and odd if it stands out too much. Refer to the colour of other houses in your neighbourhood. Better yet, you can choose to complement the shade of the house beside yours.

The Combination

Exteriors should have a main colour and an accent colour. Use the main colour on the walls, then the accent paint on gutters, sidings, and window frames. Keep in mind that the shades should complement each other so the combination won’t look garish. Refer to the colour wheel to get the right combination.

The Roof and Door

The roof or door will accentuate the exteriors’ main colour. As it’s supposed to be an accent, the shade should stand out without making the overall exteriors look gaudy. Again, refer to the colour wheel.

The Lighting Factor

Before deciding on the final colour, test a small section of the exteriors and see how the natural light gives it a certain effect. You can look at it at different periods of the day. When you’re satisfied with how the paint appears under natural lighting, proceed with painting.

Other than these tips, you and your professional house painter should base the colour choice on long-term objectives. Make sure that the choice will also add value to the property.