3 Dec

Space-saving Tips to Upsize a Living Room

improving the living roomDesigning a small space can be challenging. If done right, however, you can maximize the character and functionality of your living room.

The following are some designing tips perfect for outfitting even the smallest room:

Add Extra Seats

Nesting stools and ottomans work wonderfully in small living rooms. Look for an ottoman that is sturdy enough to hold a tray, but soft enough to rest your feet on. Make sure that you can tuck your ottoman into a corner when necessary.

An ottoman can also add a contemporary vibe to your living room, as it comes in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. You can buy this space-saving contemporary furniture in Los Angeles home decor outlets. Designing a window seat is also a good option. By using window seats, you can maximize the view and the space of your living room.

Go Darker

Though light colors can make your living room look larger, the right mix of dark colors can create the same effect, as it can make your walls disappear. You can use lighter pieces of furniture to counterbalance a dark wall color. You can also use reflective surfaces, as they can make your living room area look much larger.

Use Wallpapers

Use bold wallpaper in a small living room. Bold wallpaper not only gives your space a personality, it also draws attention away from the size of your room. Apply two different wallpapers in adjacent walls, as they make a room look bigger. Make sure that they are similar in pattern or color for coordination. You can also put wallpaper on the ceiling only, as it’s a good visual trick.

Take Your Curtains Higher

Window treatments can make your living room look larger. To imply a larger sense of space, position the curtain rods just under the cornice. You may also use a striped fabric to emphasize the height of your ceiling.

You can maximize the space of your living room by pulling together your key furniture perfectly. If you plan to buy new ones, you can find cheap space-saving furniture in Los Angeles home décor stores. Just go to an outlet that offers a large selection of quality furniture to choose from.