10 Dec

Pregnancy in Photos: Creative Maternity Photography Ideas

maternity photo ideasPregnancy is a miracle of life. Carrying a child in the womb can make any woman feel complete. As a photographer, you can make this amazing experience go beyond nine months by the lens of your camera. You have the chance to immortalize this momentous stage forever with a pregnancy photo album.

Maternity photographers are in charge of translating a pregnant woman’s unique glow into the photograph. Apart from working with a reliable manufacturer of professional photo books for excellent templates, the photo shoot’s theme is the secret to making the perfect output.

Here are some creative maternity photo shoot ideas:


Shooting in scenic outdoor locations is the best way to show that the mother is ready to bring a new life into the world. Although most maternity sessions take place inside a studio for certain reasons, like taking naked shots, incorporating nature will add a mystical element into the image.

At Home

Making home as the setting of your shoot allows the mother to bring out her natural side. You’d be able to help her feel comfortable posing for the camera, and make the session a trouble-free experience. This allows you to show her everyday life while expecting the baby, thus giving your storyline a framework.


Usually, women feel insecure with their shape while they’re pregnant. This doesn’t mean, though, that they can’t be beautiful with the size of their belly. It’s a great idea to help the mother feel sexy through your camera. Having a pleasant personality helps a lot in pulling out her beauty. Your high quality photo book would look a lot better if the mother feels good about her images while carrying the baby.

With the Family

Maternity shots with members of the family never lose their appeal. Although it’s a pretty common theme, you don’t have to go for overused poses like a member forming a heart shape on the bellybutton. Come up with ideas like the sibling playing doctor for the baby with a stethoscope toy, or the father holding scrabble pieces spelling the baby’s name. Creative shots happen if you start thinking outside the box.

It’s best to talk to each other and exchange ideas with the couple. This will let you know the types of themes they’re comfortable doing, and then you can give them suggestions. With the right idea and the session, you could give the couple something they could treasure all of their lives.