15 Dec

Your Office Needs an Energy Assessment When…

office energy assessmentBetter energy efficiency and water conservation in your office improves customer comfort and staff productivity. By cutting down on energy waste, you’ll also reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions, and make the energy system more sustainable. Many businesses that had workplace energy assessments advocate some energy saving methods. Establishing green solutions and paying attention to energy consumption will benefit your company, employees, and the environment.

When It’s Too Cold at the Office

Keep air vents clear of papers and office supplies, as it can take up more energy to pump air through the blocked vents. During cold weather, stay away from cold windows and dress in layers so you can adapt to the office temperature. Close the blinds and curtains at night to reduce heat loss. You may also want to install a locked cover on the thermostat to maintain a steady temperature and prevent staff from changing the setting.

When Your Budget isn’t Enough for Energy-Efficient Equipment

Although many organisations are adapting greener business practices, energy consumption from office equipment continues to rise. By choosing energy-efficient equipment, you can save as much as 95% on electricity costs. If you don’t have the budget for new energy-efficient equipment, adapt practices, like turning off your computer when not in use. If computers will regularly be idle overnight and on weekends, institute a policy of system-wide equipment shutdown.

When the Electricity Bill’s Still High

Give your workplace a check-up through energy-efficiency assessments. This will inform you about energy use and provide recommendations on how to save money and energy. A commercial energy rating will show you ways to participate in an environmentally aware culture. This will determine your current sustainability level and show ways to decrease energy use.

Going green isn’t just being environmentally friendly; it also improves business productivity. Whether you’re an employer with a green conscience or one who wants to set an example, there are simple ways to conserve both energy and funds. Act now and practice these simple steps.