17 Dec

Top Reasons to Move to Cranbourne, Melbourne

Cranbourne is a fast-growing suburb offering families with a peaceful and well-developed community. The district is also home to affordable housing; you can easily find a property that’s within your budget. If you’re planning to move to Melbourne anytime soon, make sure to check out the reasons Cranbourne is one of the most preferred suburbs in Melbourne.

Victoria, MelbourneFacilities

Cranbourne has a large commercial centre. With impressive modern design, the centre lines the boulevard of High Street. It’s where you can find the famous Centro Cranbourne Centre, home to about a hundred retail outlets. You can find a number of Cranbourne land and properties for sale near and around facilities like this.


The suburb is home to some of the leading educational institutions in the area; with a good number of primary and secondary schools and even universities. You can send your broods to educational institutions that will suit your preference and values.


Cranbourne is also known for its horse racing industry. Any fan of horseracing will surely enjoy a weekend at the racecourse and training complex. This modern facility is used as venue for the Cranbourne Cup, the famous Greyhound Racing, and many other popular festivities.

Sports is truly part of living in Cranbourne. In fact, you’ll find eight massive football/cricket ovals, two rugby fields, three football fields, and an athletics track. Add to that the impressive golf courses, tennis courts, and basketball courts.


The Royal Botanical Garden is another major attraction in Cranbourne. An area of 363 hectares of woodlands, wetlands, and walking tracks, the garden brings you closer to nature. It nurtures hundreds of plant species and definitely makes a perfect spot for weekend picnics and strolls with the family.

All these facilities make Cranbourne a family-friendly destination. Look for available land and house package in Cranbourne and find your place in this wonderful community soon.