18 Dec

Top Jewelry Trends You Should Look Forward to in 2014

purchasing jewelry online2013 has been a year of serpent-inspired jewelries, large gemstones of different colors, and bold, chunky accessories. Statement pieces, such as bib necklaces, cocktail and chandelier earrings, and cuffs and bangles have been worn by women all year round. While most of these jewelry trends will continue to carry over to the coming years, there are a few new concepts that will be rocking different jewelry stores in 2014. If you want to stay trendy next year, consider buying some of these pieces when you shop for jewelries online:

Messages and Slogans

Whether they are words of endearment, a slogan, or a single buzz, accessories carrying messages will be popular in 2014. Necklaces that shout out names and expressions such as “love” and “freedom” will be a hit. Initials on charm bracelets and on earrings will have their share of popularity in the coming year too.

Pendant Revival

Large bib necklaces in different colors and designs have been a hit this year, surpassing simple pendants and charms. But good news for pendant-lovers: pendants will come back in 2014 in bolder motifs and more elaborate designs. From animal heads and rough stones, to gems in gold setting, plants and even landmarks, different kinds of pendants will charm women in the coming year.

Fringe Mania

Fringe clothing and accessories will come back to life in 2014. Delicate metal and beaded fringe on pendants, necklaces, and earrings will be seen on the runway, fashion shows, and even on Hollywood red carpets. Popular jewelry chains and shops will start to bring fringe accessories on fashion runways and create fringe-inspired jewelries in different styles.

Skinny bangles

Thick cuffs and bangles have been the stars in many of the fashion shows of 2013, but they will be outshined by their skinnier cousins come 2014. Skinny bangles complement casual and formal outfits and are best worn in multiple layers. Gold, silver, and multi-colored skinny bangles create a statement and add an element of style and sophistication on casual and formal clothes.

Bugs, bees, and butterflies

Creepy crawlies aren’t welcome inside the house, but are more than welcome in jewelry boxes. Insect-inspired accessories were popular in 2011 and are making a comeback next year. Bugs, bees, and butterflies inspired bubbles will start to land on women’s necks, hands, fingers, and ears again, making them look more stylish and chic.

As with clothes, there are types of jewelries that get trendy in a specific year or season. To ensure you look fashionable all the time, check fashion blogs, browse through different fashion magazines, and buy classic pieces that never go out of style.