19 Dec

Wacky Christmas Card Video Goes Viral

A Christmas card video, called Christmas Jammies, made by a North Carolina family has gone viral.

The family’s accomplishments

wacky xmasThe Holderness family of Raleigh, NC decided to create the video to let people know their updates in the past year and to show off their new jammies for the Christmas.

The family rapped their song as a parody of Will Smith’s “Miami.”

“Christmas Jammies” includes standard Christmas card fare, an announcement about each family member’s individual achievement. It was also done to promote mom and dad’s new marketing and media company.

Publicity stunt

The family does make good use of its time in the video, letting viewers know of its recent development.

Penn publicly announced he was resigning his position as a television news anchor in the city, shortly rapping about his vasectomy. Meanwhile, Kim has experience in the entertainment industry. These are just some of the video’s highlights.

Since going viral, the video has been publicized around the Internet as well as on TV shows.