20 Dec

Building Maintenance: Preserving Your Property

considering building maintenanceMaintaining a building is more than just about improving its exterior and interior appearance. For the most part, building maintenance refers to the overall improvement of a property, including facilities management. This includes upkeep and repair, as well as looking over the structural and plumbing system.

While maintaining a building can be costly, it is an important part of keeping your property in good condition. It allows smooth functionality and represents an appreciating asset for its owners. It can also help you save money in the long run and avoid major structural property renovations.

Why You Need it

Building maintenance is a cost-effective solution to maintain a good working environment and maximum staff productivity. It aims to ensure that your business operate at its maximum efficiency, from small repairs to large building renovations. Failure to handle these early can lead to several consequences involving profit and time management.

Contrary to what most people know, building maintenance is not just for old and deteriorating properties. In fact, it is required for all types of buildings. Building maintenance restores the appearance of your property and upholds the quality of its construction.

Repair and Maintenance

The main purpose of building maintenance is to preserve the physical integrity of the property. It follows a preventative maintenance routine to reduce the corrective maintenance cost. This includes regular maintenance routine activities and property inspections. Common services include clearing blocked drains, video drain inspection, electronic leak detection, water tank installation, and many more.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the most frequently performed activity. It refers to the simple activities associated with general up keep of the building. It involves changing equipment filters, cleaning the gutter, general building cleaning, and minor structural repairs.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance refers to the actual repairs to keep the property functioning normally. This type of maintenance is necessary when a facility or equipment has failed or is worn out. It consists of repair, restoration, or replacement of the facility. It may involve replacing a broken air conditioning system, replacing light bulbs, or repairing a toilet. Corrective repairs are the result of a regular inspection, which identifies different structural problems.

Don’t let the bad become worse. Contact an experienced contractor to handle all your building maintenance and repair needs. This minimises further damage and improves the quality of life within your walls.