26 Dec

3 Little-Known Reasons Why E-commerce Sites Fail

web designAlmost all businesses have a website these days. With the Internet growing at such a fast rate, you need to have some kind of online presence or you’re going to get left behind. For many, having a website up and running is enough. It’s almost as if it’s the end of their digital marketing responsibility. This is a costly mistake. A website is never future-proof; you have to update it, nurture it, feed it. You have to strategize.

You don’t have to do all the work by yourself. Work with a reliable and experienced web design company and make your website work for you. Research is valuable as well. It will tell you what goes into making a compelling and great website, and how it helps your customers.

To help you avoid digital marketing and ecommerce pitfalls, read up on some of the most common reasons some websites fail. Here are three of the most common yet least seen.

Too company-focused

Your website isn’t the place to display all your company’s achievements. Of course, it’s going to be about your company, but it also has to be about the consumers – their needs, the products they want, and the information that may improve their experience. Don’t be boring. It’s about your customers, so try not to use it to flaunt your achievements.

Too complex

It’s the trend these days. A site with so much movement, so much style that you can’t even figure out where your mouse pointer is. If you have all your ads and videos mashed together on the same page, with no space for the eye to rest, viewers will have trouble looking at things. It’s confusing. And it almost assures a bounce. Use space wisely. Work with professionals specializing in web design, as they know how to do it right.

Too design-centric

Design is only one part of the overall user experience. If you let design take over your entire site, visitors will just look at your site the whole time and forget about your products. Combine design and content. Add fresh content regularly to make your business more interesting.

Even though having a website is necessary in today’s digital marketplace, you need to do a bit more than just posting photos, your company’s history, and then calling it a day. Focus on your customers for a better online presence.