29 Dec

A Close Look At China’s Smartphone Market

apple storeIn China, the sales of iPhones from Apple have increased over the years. But, the share of Apple’s smartphone market in the world’s second largest economy has shrunk off late. This is because in this Asian nation, Apple, in the recent times has been facing a lot of stiff competition from other smartphone makers such as Samsung and other Chinese brands.

Bigger Rivals Grow

The figures for the market share of Apple in China present a clearer picture of how over a period of time, the US phone giant has had to play a second fiddle to other big rivals in the country.

In the third quarter in 2012, Apple’s market share in China stood at 7.9% which decreased this year to 6.2% during the same period. In comparison, where Samsung had a market share of 14.1% in 2012 in China, in 2013 its share grew to 21.2%. Similar is the case with Yulong and Xiaomi, two Chinese phone brands, whose shares, although not as high as Apple per se, have increased over the past one year and threaten to go past that of Apple.