5 Jan

Modern with an Accent: Incorporating the Right Accent Pieces in Your Home

basic side table designModern style is always a wonderful decorative theme for any home. The perfect blend of modern and classic furniture, decorations, and other trimmings gives your humble abode a minimal and neutral look, all while keeping up with the current trends.

Whether it’s through the use of accessories, wall colours, fabrics, textures, or other home pieces, adding accents to a room is the easiest way to glam it up and give it a personality. Getting the right look, however, is not everyone’s strong suit.

Here are a few simple rules for getting the right combinations.

Minimal and Neutral

Modern style is all about going minimal and neutral. Clean lines and simple colour schemes derived from wooden candle holders, end tables, and cushions, or from other decoration pieces will be your priority. The base colour of your room should remain neutral, but you can incorporate a few bold, simple hues to add an accent. Angular pieces are also the standard, but round, circular pieces can also work sometimes.

Blank Slates

Paint the walls with a neutral colour. Whether it’s stark white, beige, grey, or other off-white shades, the point is to create a “blank slate” of sorts. Incorporating a colourful flower vase, a wooden candleholder set, hooks, or even wall art becomes easier after you get the right wall colour. These elements add just the right visual interest to the room and make it cosier, but not so much that it floods the room with too much unnecessary detail.

Simple Furnishings

Just like the rest of the room, using simple and neutral furniture gives the space a modern yet classic look. Tables and chairs in a warm, linen finish gives your dining space a cosy feel, while a bare wood floor adds a cool and clean underfoot that makes the other shapely furniture stand out more. Fabrics, cushions, rugs, and drapes adds accent with the contrasting textures.

Accents to a room are like jewelleries to an outfit. Whether it’s using accessories, fabrics, fixtures, walls or other decorations, it’s by far the easiest way to add personality to your living space.