10 Jan

CES 2014 : Smart Device Add-Ons

Smart DeviceApart from tech giants boasting new releases and wearable technology becoming a clear trend, there is another market opening up at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show: smart device add-ons.

Enhancing smartphone capabilities

The new add-ons are set to boost what capabilities smartphones have today.

One of the many inventions that debuted at the CES includes a health-checking scanner called Scout from California-based Scandu. The company promises that the sensor will monitor heart rate, core body temperatures, and blood oxygen levels among many other metrics.

Two devices, Izzi Gadgets and Olloclip, paraded new cases that featured different camera lenses such as wide-angle, macro, and fisheye.

Yellow Jacket stole limelight with their seemingly extreme phone case: a gizmo that will turn your phone into a stun gun. The self-defence case can pack a 650,000 volt sting and it comes in different colors as well.

Hitting the market later this year

Almost all these add-ons are set to hit the shelves later this year. As for how many of these will actually go through production, only time will tell.