21 Jan

Layout and Other Room Arrangement Ideas for Your New Home

considering houses for rentAfter carefully choosing which house for sale in Makati to settle in, the next part of building a new home is deciding on the layout and maximising the rooms available. Choosing your ideal layout and room arrangement may take some time, but it’s a necessary step in the fulfilment of your dream home.

Here are some factors you need to consider:

Family’s Lifestyle

Children’s ages and family size are essential in home layout planning. Oftentimes, families with young children prefer to have the private spaces, like their bedrooms and bathrooms, grouped in the same area of the home. Those with teenagers and young adults, though, like to have separate bedrooms. Consider the preferences of each family member, and incorporate these on your checklist. Allow the older family members to take over the rooms with bigger spaces. After all, they tend to use larger furniture.

Outdoor Living

Whether it’s a porch, a swimming pool, a small garden, or a terrace, it’s best to have an outdoor leisure area. Some houses in Makati already have built-in outdoor spaces. Consider how much time your family will spend on these outdoor leisure amenities. Also, think about how they’ll use it. A large yard with well-arranged plants may add a homey feel to your space, but it can look terrible if you don’t look after it. Keep in mind that an outdoor space means additional work. As much as you want to keep your indoors looking attractive, your outdoors requires the same responsibility.

House Guests

Entertaining and welcoming visitors is an important factor to include when maximising the spaces. If your family prefers to not have your entire house in full display every time the door is opened, arrange a formal living room adjacent to the front door. With this design, guests will have a comfortable receiving area while the rest of your house remains private.

Special Accessibility

Children need wider hallways to run around, while some older family members may need a larger space to move around comfortably. Some older home designs tend to have narrower doorways and hallways so it’s best to consult a designer or contractor on how you can open up these areas.