12 Feb

‘Flappy Doge’ Takes Flight

After taking the Internet by storm in July 2013 (and onwards!) and recently appearing in an issue of newspaper The Guardian, the hit meme Doge is exploring a new medium – this time, in the form of the deceased mega-hit mobile game “Flappy Bird.”

‘Flappy Doge’

Flappy-DogeFollowing the early death of “Flappy Bird,” some unknown developers presented a salvation to the hit game and included a whiff of Internet humor in it; Thus, the birth of “Flappy Doge.”

Unlike the original game, “Flappy Doge” is a browser game, but instead of the pixelated bird many got mad at, the clone features an 8-bit image of the famous Shiba Inu in the doge meme.

The browser clone of the indie game is just as hard as the original, but it is completely free to play without the ads that interfere with the predecessor’s gaming experience.

There is no news yet as to who published the clone.

The “Flappy Doge” can be accessed through internet.

Goodbye, ‘Flappy Bird’

On February 9, Vietnamese game maker Dong Nguyen decided to take down “Flappy Bird” for allegedly ruining his “simple life.” The mobile game smash hit has reportedly reached a point where it gains over $50,000 in advertisement revenue.

“Flappy Bird” bade goodbye from the app stores on the date Nguyen specified, although an unofficial version exists on the Windows Phone site.