14 Feb

Yoga: Helping Cure a Wounded Heart

Failure to reach a dream, the betrayal of a lover, and the loss of a loved one—many have been there. When life brings you the deepest pain, yoga urges to come closer to it, embrace it, and feel it with a tender dedication.

yogaYoga doesn’t only bring health benefits, but also emotional relief. It can be a curative treatment for the hurt caused by failure, loss, betrayal, and abandonment. Different yoga practices awaken self-remembrance, reignite your connection to your true nature, and bring a sense of awareness to your mind and body. These help release negative feelings, making you feel lighter and more receptive to the love coming from your family and friends.

Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga suggests there’s a huge amount of prana shakti or soul power in a person’s pain. You can unleash this energy by staying close to your heartbreaking experience. Lay on your back and bring the soles of your feet together with your knees wide. Close your eyes and let your body relax and feel its connection to the earth. Think that you’re in a nurturing and soothing place. Then place your hand on top of your chest and start to breath slowly and deeply. Practice this pose for 30 days from 15-45 minutes and you’ll feel lighter, and much better.

Antigravity Yoga

Antigravity yoga involves performing exercises inspired by yoga, acrobatics, calisthenics, and Pilates while suspended on a silk aerial hammock. The handstand pose, which inverts your relationship with gravity, calms the brain, relieves stress and depression, and helps you defy your inner fears. With the support of an aerial hammock, place your hands on the ground and kick your feet overhead.

Anusara Yoga

The wide-legged forward bend of Anasura yoga stretches the legs, pelvis, and shoulders. This pose makes you feel connected with the earth deeply, making you feel strong and grounded. Stretching your back, chest, and shoulders frees up your heart and makes you feel more open to love. To do this pose, stand with your feet about a leg’s distance apart, clasp your hands behind your back, and straighten your arms. Fill your lungs as you inhale and fold forward as you exhale. Stay in this position for 3-10 breaths.

Yoga heals the body, mind, and even the heart. Sign up for a class and discover how this practice can mend your broken heart.