25 Feb

Easy on the Throttle, Rider: The Practice of Defensive Driving

motorcycle accidentThere’s nothing more thrilling than zipping through an open road on your bike. With this thrill comes the responsibility of all riders to exercise defensive driving. This will prevent accidents and will make it easier for your preferred motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles to plead your case should the unthinkable happen.

Machine maintenance

Defensive driving begins even before you leave the garage, as you have to make sure that all parts of your bike are functional. Some of the things you should inspect include gas, oil levels, brakes, suspension, fluids, engine chain, and tires.

Protective equipment

Every state has its laws regarding safety equipment when you’re riding a motorcycle. Be sure you know about Ohio’s or California’s statutes, wherever you’re riding. For starters, you need a helmet, long pants, and a jacket. You could expand this to goggles, gloves, boots, and other gear.

Follow traffic rules

There’s a reason the yellow light means yield. This would also save you in many occasions from acquiring traffic tickets and meriting points on your driving slate. Stay in the safe lane and always follow the signs on the road.

Go easy on the music

California state law allows only one earphone when riding a motorcycle. Immersing yourself in music, especially upbeat, excitable tunes, affects your mood. Sticking to less aggressive melodies on the road not only lessens your stress levels and prevents road rage, but it also keeps you safe.

Keep calm

Hostility and anger could only do you bad on the road, so always be kind when riding. Apply restaurant etiquette, and don’t stoop down to the level of those who might cut you in the lane.

In the event of a crash, keep your cool and contact an attorney to handle all legalities. Still, exert your best effort to avoid such a mishap, as it all begins with defensive driving on your part.