13 Mar

Michigan Conference Focuses On Culinary Tourism

Michigan Culinary Tourism

Image by Nicole Rupersburg

Tourism became the main topic at the most recent Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference.

Through the Food

The conference invited about a thousand representatives from the tourism industry as well as top economic leaders to discuss how to best invite people to visit the state. Culinary tourism was chosen as the theme to be talked about.

“More and more people when they travel want to go to places that have great restaurants that serve local products,” said David Denison, Amical Part Owner and Chef. Michigan has a rich agricultural heritage, and the best way to take advantage of that is to integrate the industry with the tourism and service sectors.

Immediate Benefits

Leaders have already seen the benefits of advertising Michigan to other people, as the state saw a $5.76 return on investment in 2006 when the Pure Michigan program started. The numbers for the year prior only saw an average return on investment at about $2.47.